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We are a dynamic group of professional real estate individuals that believe integrity is the main building block that holds our entire organization together… Transparency is a key ingredient in our business of which each and everyone of us at YVR pride ourselves to provide this everyday to everyone that we work with in this industry. With firm conviction, all of our agents possess a strong work ethic to always work hard, and be diligent in order to provide the very best service and information to our customers so that they are able to make informed decisions. We sincerely care about our customers because their success is our success.

Whether you are renting, selling or buying, we recognize that these are very important decisions to make, and in most cases in one’s lifetime. Therefore we realize how critical it is to our customers to get it right the first time around. For us at YVR it’s a lot more than just collecting a real estate commission. What is most important to us is knowing that we have provided the very best possible services and that we have helped our customers achieve all of their real estate goals. Everyone in our company genuinely loves working with and helping people and also aspires to creating a harmonious team player work environment among their colleagues, mentors, and peers in order to ensure that every agent is successful at YVR. Our organization prides itself on the fact that we are a very close knit family where we all watch out and help each other.

YVR was created after many years in the business because we could see there was a real need to create an on going authentic business relations between the customer and the agent in order for everyone involved to maximize the long term benefits.