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Things to do on Flatbush

In the life cycle of neighborhoods, Flatbush has almost come full circle. What began as a series of swanky developments in the early 1900s, luring white, upper class residents from Brooklyn Heights, is now attracting professionals and ex-Park Slopers to the stately homes of “Victorian Flatbush” — a term that’s only 30 years old.

Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts

This theater has been the epicenter of Flatbush culture since its opening in 1954, featuring world-renowned performers like Itzhak Perlman, Ray Charles.

Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church

First built in 1654, the Flatbush Reformed Church holds the record for the longest continuous use for religious purposes in the City.

Charlie Bird

One of our favorite restaurants in New York, Charlie Bird is another place that will make you happy you live in New York.

Cinco De Mayo Restaurant

Simply the BEST Mexican in New York City hands down! It will spoil all others for you.

Kings Theatre

The Kings Theatre, formerly Loew’s Kings Theatre, is a live performance venue in the Flatbush neighborhood.


From its sign advertising ‘COFFEEEEEEEE’ (sic) to the mid-century modern light fixtures and unabashedly unfinished walls, Café Madeline touts a bold style. But it also touts outstanding food and coffee.