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Things to do on Harlem

Harlem is known for its soul food and New York attractions such as the Apollo Theater and its history. Noteworthy Harlem Renaissance leaders include Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Zora Neale Hurston, Cab Calloway and more. Amid beloved landmarks, spend a day indulging in some of the nabe’s prize jewels: a bakery that serves cookies the size of your fist, a finger-lickin’-good eatery with ribs and the best BBQ that melts in your mouth and a no-frills music venue showcasing some of the best jazz musicians in the city.

Apollo Theater

Showbiz legends & amateurs alike take the stage at this longtime music hall.


Harlem landmark serving generous helpings of Southern comfort food since 1962.

Malcolm Shabazz Harlem Market

Vendors at this canopied bazaar offer various African crafts, clothes & accessories.

St. Nicholas Park

Saint Nicholas Park is a New York City public park located in Harlem at the intersection of Manhattan neighborhoods Hamilton Heights and Manhattanville.

The National Jazz Museum in Harlem

The National Jazz Museum in Harlem is New York City’s museum dedicated to preservation and celebration of Harlem’s jazz history.

Broadway Comedy Club

A rotating crew of not-yet-famous comedians hone their acts on this compact club’s stage.